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Interesting the wide range of opinion (between reviewers) on this particular adventure. Rates "high" on your list, is one of the few disliked and deemed unworkable by EOTB, and gets middling reviews from Ben. Looking forward to what Grutzi thinks about this one.

Quick note: grey oozes in B/X do NOT destroy weapons, only armor (on a successful hit); in fact it's one of the few slimes that can be killed and damaged by normal weapons. The AD&D version is different (it takes damage BUT still corrodes weapons)...but this isn't written for AD&D, right?

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It's written for B/X, not AD&D. But I believe there is a fair bit of cross-contamination. The entry for the dragon explicitly states "If possible, it will

roll in Grey Ooze before attacking, to help it destroy

enemy weapons and armour" and I just accepted that without checking the B/X bestiary.

There are also no rules in B/X for being infected with worms, but AD&D cover such occurrences handily.

I have only read Ben's so far, now I need to read EOTB's. I didn't realize this one was so contentious!

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