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Maybe some butter for Cancer and lemon wedges for Pisces?

; )

In all seriousness, I'm not a huge fan of puzzles in D&D, but I am even LESS of a fan when the adventure demands a SPECIFIC, non-intuitive solution. Allowing players to justify their own answers to the zodiac puzzle (and allowing any justifiable answer to function) would make for a fun puzzle with individuals who know anything about astrology. But as written, I'd share your reservations.

Poison that kills on a failed save is the default standard for old editions of D&D, and (in my opinion) anything that doesn't deviate from that should be noted in the encounter text where it appears, even if ALSO appearing later (in a monster appendix). I'd guess this, and other writing muddles (like the Nightsky trap) are issues of the contest format...given more page count, more coherent expository could have been provided.

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